About Us

The Babylon IDA is comprised of three officers, three staff members, and nine board members that oversee Agency operations. To learn more about our leadership, please see the links on the right. Read more about our mission below.


The Town of Babylon Industrial Development Agency (the ‘Agency’) is the economic, community, and workforce development arm of the Town, our mission is to catalyze growth, enhance community well-being, cultivate a skilled workforce, and facilitate the creation of housing and transit-oriented developments.


The Agency is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and sustainable economic landscape within the dynamic and diverse municipality of the Town of Babylon, positioned as a prominent hub of business activity in the Long Island Region.

Our commitment is to strategically propel economic prosperity by attracting and supporting businesses that contribute to the Town’s economic vitality. We aim to fortify the community fabric by actively engaging with residents, businesses, and stakeholders to address their needs, promote inclusivity, and champion initiatives that enhance overall quality of life.

The Agency is dedicated to empowering the workforce through targeted programs and partnerships that foster education, skills development, and job opportunities. By collaborating with educational institutions, businesses, and community organizations, we seek to create a resilient and adaptable workforce that aligns with the evolving demands of the local economy.

Recognizing the importance of housing and transit-oriented developments, the Agency is committed to facilitating the construction of sustainable, well-designed communities that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. By promoting responsible development practices, we aim to enhance accessibility, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the overall livability of the Town.

In carrying out our mission, the Town of Babylon Industrial Development Agency remains steadfast in its dedication to transparency, integrity, and accountability. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change, working collaboratively to shape a thriving and inclusive community that serves as a model for economic development in the Long Island Region.