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Enzo Biochem, Inc

December 2018

Enzo Biochem, Inc., a global leader in the diagnostic bioscience technology industry, is expanding its operations in Farmingdale. Globally, Enzo Biochem, Inc. provides low-cost, high-performance products and services in molecular diagnostics. By selling proprietary technology solutions and platforms, Enzo Biochem, Inc. provides low-cost support for clinical laboratories, specialty clinics, researchers, and more. With 336 issued patents worldwide and over 151 pending patent applications, Enzo Biochem, Inc. has quickly positioned itself as a leader in molecular medicine.


Precipart Campus in Farmingdale
January 2015

Precipart has earned a reputation for engineering excellence in the customization, design and integration of the highest quality precision components and motion control solutions. Partners rely on Precipart’s expertise and breadth of knowledge across many manufacturing processes and materials selection to develop products for the most demanding applications within the medical device, aerospace and industrial sectors.

D’Addario & Company

John D'Addario III in the Guitar String Factory
January 2015

D'Addario designs, manufactures and distributes musical instrument accessories, such as musical instrument strings, reeds & mouthpieces for woodwind instruments, a wide range of guitar accessories, and percussion accessories such as drumheads, drumsticks, and snare wires.

They employ close to 800 people here on Long Island at the following facilities: 595 Smith Street, Farmingdale (110,000 square feet), 540 Smith St, Farmingdale (31,500 square ft), and 590 Smith St, Farmingdale (30,000 square ft).

Babylon IDA
47 West Main Street - Suite 3
Babylon, NY 11702
Tel: 631-587-3679