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A global precision components firm focused on excellence. Precipart employs over 215 team members and has hired more than 40 new employees since the Babylon IDA worked with them to expand their Farmingdale location.
January 4, 2015
Precipart Campus in Farmingdale
Precipart Campus in Farmingdale


Precipart has earned a reputation for engineering excellence in the customization, design and integration of the highest quality precision components and motion control solutions. Partners rely on Precipart’s expertise and breadth of knowledge across many manufacturing processes and materials selection to develop products for the most demanding applications within the medical device, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Precipart brings over sixty years of accumulated experience, expertise, and proven performance to our global network of medical technology, aerospace and industrial customers and partners.

The IDA created an unconnected campus tax incentive program for Precipart that allowed the firm to settle right in Farmingdale.


Precision when and where it counts.

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