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Enzo Biochem, Inc

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Enzobiochem provides low-cost, high-performance products and services in molecular diagnostics
December 13, 2018


Enzo Biochem, Inc., a global leader in the diagnostic bioscience technology industry, is expanding its operations in Farmingdale. Globally, Enzo Biochem, Inc. provides low-cost, high-performance products and services in molecular diagnostics. By selling proprietary technology solutions and platforms, Enzo Biochem, Inc. provides low-cost support for clinical laboratories, specialty clinics, researchers, and more. With 336 issued patents worldwide and over 151 pending patent applications, Enzo Biochem, Inc. has quickly positioned itself as a leader in molecular medicine.

In the Town of Babylon alone, Enzo employs approximately 400 employees in its two facilities, with other facilities in Farmingdale and Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well. With the help of the Babylon IDA, Enzo will be purchasing an empty neighboring property to grow into a third building, creating a campus setting to synergize their three operating segments. This move means the company is expected to add 80 new positions over the next three years.

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