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D’Addario & Company

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A committed Long Island company. "It's not just what we make but where we make it; committed to manufacturing in the USA."
January 1, 2015
John D'Addario III in the Guitar String Factory
John D’Addario in the D’Addario & Company guitar string factory.


D'Addario designs, manufactures and distributes musical instrument accessories, such as musical instrument strings, reeds & mouthpieces for woodwind instruments, a wide range of guitar accessories, and percussion accessories such as drumheads, drumsticks, and snare wires.

They employ close to 800 people here on Long Island at the following facilities: 595 Smith Street, Farmingdale (110,000 square feet), 540 Smith St, Farmingdale (31,500 square ft), and 590 Smith St, Farmingdale (30,000 square ft).

D'Addario had many opportunities to relocate to states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina, among others. The Town of Babylon IDA, along with New York State and Suffolk County, proposed an incentive benefits package that enabled the company and their employees to remain on Long Island.

"The TOB IDA has always provided the support and guidance needed for us and our employees to continue manufacturing on Long Island and remain the global leader in musical instrument strings and accessories." - D'Addario & Co.


An American manufacturer of guitar and orchestral strings, drumheads, drum sticks, reeds and mouthpieces, and other music accessories.


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Guitar Strings
USA Manufacturer
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Drumheads & Drum sticks

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