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Babylon IDA and Minority Millennials Inc. Launches Socio-Economic Survey for Black and Brown Millennials


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Survey will help determine the current and future needs by establishing a first ever “Index of Minority Millennials”

Lindenhurst, NY (October 29, 2020)—The Town of Babylon Industry Development Agency (IDA), in partnership with Minority Millennials, Inc and economic consultant Dr. Martin Cantor, CPA, have launched the first ever, socio-economic status survey for Long Island’s black and brown communities. The purpose of this survey is to better understand the socio-economic fabric and needs of the region’s black and brown communities. The survey’s data will be used to rebuild policies and programs that will bring additional equity to the Babylon community.

“Being that the Town of Babylon is one of the most diverse towns on Long Island, we want to ensure the playing field is level for all residents, regardless of their skin color,” said Babylon IDA CEO Tom Dolan. “It is crucial for the black and brown members of our community to complete this anonymous survey so we can collect the concrete data needed to amend policies and allocate resources appropriately to ensure equity for everyone.”

“The data from this survey will be a crucial step in bringing equity into our region, ensuring young people of color have both the access and opportunity to benefit from vital economic development,” said Minority Millennials, Inc’s board member Leila Baugh.

As the Town looks to take essential steps to ensure people of all races and ethnicities have equal opportunities, the 33-question survey is designed to collect data on demographics, economies, employment, education, housing and transportation. The data collected will then be analyzed to identify disparities between the different population groups, ultimately assisting millennials from diverse backgrounds access equal opportunities. A comprehensive report and breakdown of the survey’s findings will also be published once completed.

“We all know that disparities exist between the varying sections of our population and the purpose of this survey is to help us understand exactly what those disparities are and how big the gap between them is,” said Dr. Martin R. Cantor. “The Town is really putting its best foot forward with this initiative as it will be extremely informative for policymakers in addressing the real inequalities that exist in our society.”

To participate in the Black and Brown Millennial Survey, please visit or you can take the survey on this site by clicking here. If you have questions or require additional information, please visit or

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